plantio :3

/ᐠ . 。. ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗


no nsfw or gore - it makes me and others uncomfortable !!no bullying - be mindful of others and don't cause arguements !!be polite - respect others and be kind to each other !!have fun - enjoy !! /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

dni list

over 18s - i am a minor !!racism, ableism or homophobia - go back to rule number 2 !!.₊̣̇.ಇ/ᐠˬ ͜ ˬ ᐟ\∫.₊̣̇.

about me !!!

name - antongender - malepronouns - he/himsexuality - homolikes - cats, stardew valley, pomegranatedislikes - soup i hate soup soup is awful its dreadful i hate it i hate it i hate it, ants, dogs


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